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"I don't know, just give me a ....."

In order to maintain the integrity of the Par Point program it is essential, and a requirement, that all players record on their scorecard their actual gross score per hole.  The maximum gross score that can be recorded is "9".  If you do not complete the hole by holing out you MUST record a "9".  The answer "I don't know, just give me a ....." is not an acceptable response to the question "What did you have on that hole?".  It is the responsibility of each player in the group to protect the field by ensuring that the scoring is accurate. Simply put, if you pick up your golf ball and do not complete a hole your score is a "9".

Please keep in mind that this is not to be confused with posting scores to GHIN and following the rules established by the USGA for Equitable Stroke Control (ESC).  The rules for Equitable  Stroke Control are available on this website under Main Menu/Par Point Information.

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