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For your planning purposes, the annual MGA AWARDS DINNER will be held on January 19, 2019.  The event will start at 4:15 PM.  Full details will be available soon and can be found under Main Menu / Special Events / MGA Dinner.

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Preferred Lies / Winter Rules will apply  from December 1st until April 30th.  Preferred Lies / Winter Rules apply for all shots played from YOUR OWN FAIRWAY.  Under the most common traditions for Preferred Lies / Winter Rules the player has the option to improve the lie without penalty by moving the ball (lift, clean & place only) within one club length of the original spot no nearer the hole or onto the putting green. The player can only place the ball once and then the ball is "in play". If the ball does not stay on the spot where it was placed, it must be replaced without penalty. If it still won't stay on that spot it must be placed at the nearest spot where it can be placed at rest that is not nearer the hole.  Breach of this Rule is loss of hole in Match Play and two stroke penalty in Stroke Play.

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The MGA Board has been busy getting ready for the 2019 season.  The MGA tournament schedule has been finalized and the dates for each event is listed under Tournament Information / Tournament Schedule.  Make sure you get the dates on your calendar as we look forward to another tremendous MGA tournament season.

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